We are constantly evolving and perfecting our offering to you. Our menu in all Correa's restaurants changes weekly to include new and original dishes alongside your old favorites.

You can also enjoy our delicious and healthy food in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. To learn more call us at +7 (495) 933-61-57.

We cater to any event, whether private or corporate (product launch, business breakfasts, presentations, training sessions, etc). We can assist you with dishes and any special equipment hire, including tents, furniture, sound and light gear.

For further information, please speak with our managers: +7 (963) 970-85-33, e-mail: catering@correas.ru

Bread basket 50
Buffalo cauliflower & broccoli bites and cheater (Vegan Ranch Dip) 290
Cucumber Avocado Quick nori roll & crème cheese Nuoc Mam Cham 320

Mixed leaves with lemon vinaigrette 300 Add: Parmesan 80 avocado 80 Parma ham 150 grilled shrimps 390
Roasted baby potatoes with grilled pears, blue cheese, walnut, and water cress salad 330
Grilled vegetables with yoghurt dressing (bell pepper, zucchini and eggplant) 380
Fresh garden salad of tomato, cucumber and romaine served with olive oil 380
Chicken salad with grapefruit and pistachio 390
Roast beets with Ricotta cheese, basil Pesto and Parmesan 390
Fried scamorza cheese with grilled vegetables and crème balsamic 490
Greek salad with olive, tomato, red onion & feta 490
Candied orange, fennel spiked beetroot chutney, mozzarella 490
Chicken Caesar with foccacia croutons and Correa’s Caesar dressing 530
Roast beef served with mixed green leaves and mustard sauce 680
Grilled shrimps with cucumber, avocado, scallions and lime 690

Chicken noodle soup 280 Chicken noodle soup XXL 380 Tomato soup with Mozzarella 350
Tomato soup with Mozzarella XXL 450 Soup of the day

Prosciutto and Mediterranean cream cheese bruschetta on sourdough 350
Smoked salmon bruschetta on sourdough 380
Avocado Brushetta with Balsamic Reduction 390
Tuna salad sandwich on sourdough 390
Crispy chicken wrap in lavash with mixed leafs and chili mayonnaise 430
Teriyaki chicken wrap in lavash with avocado, mixed leaves and sesame dressing 450
Smoked turkey, soft cheese and tomato on foccacia 490 The Perfect steak sandwich 550

Thin crust garlic foccacia 190 Hummus served with thin herb foccacia 350
Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan and fresh basil 380
Soft cheese, sun-dried tomato and fresh oregano 500 4 cheeses 520
Mushrooms and prosciutto 550 Napoli salami 550
Mozzarella, Parmesan, tomato and rucola with Pesto and pine nuts 590
Pesto pizza with cherry tomato, Mozzarella, olive, basil, rocket and pine nuts 590
Smoked salmon and sour cream with frise salad 770

Holy Yum Chicken 350
Pan fried zucchini cakes with lemon mascarpone cheese and mixed green leaves 420
Penne with tomatoes, rucola, pumpkin seeds and Pesto sauce 450
Turkey burger with curry mayonaise and corn relish and tomato sauce (medium size) 550
Ricotta, goat cheese, pine nuts and spinach stuffed shell pasta with roasted aubergines, basil oil and tomato sauce 580
Creamy avocado and spinach Linguine 590
Fettucсine with seafood and summer vegetables in a light Bisk 690
Grilled salmon with Moroccan Chermula crust with the herbs salad and palm sugar dressing 990
Grilled duck breast served over Asian mixed salad with lime-palm sugar dressing and crisp shallots 990
Lamb chops served with tomato risotto and Pesto 1200
NY strip steak with black peppercorn sauce and baby potatoes 1200

Biscotti 70 Homemade cookie 70 Chocolatte truffle 70 Meringue 100 Éclair 130 Portuguese custard tart 160
Lemon Tart 220 Carrot cake 250 Cheesecake with hazelnut & caramel 290 Banana cake 290
Dark sponge cake 380 Tiramisu 390 Pear and caramel Napoleon 430 Flourless chocolate cake 450

ice cream
Vanilla, chocolate, caramel, strawberry, pistachio 150

Maracuya with slices of peach, lemon, raspberry 150

Espresso 120 Double espresso 220 Americano 120 Americano extra 220 Filtered americano 120
Espresso Macchiato 160 Cortado 180 Cappuccino 240 Cappuccino extra 360 Latte 240 Latte extra 360
Raf coffee 350 Green coffee & ginger 180 Decaf 200 Coffee frappe caramel/vanilla 290 Ice coffee caramel/vanilla 350 Vietnam ice coffee 350 Hot chocolate 390

Leaf tea 300ml 250 Leaf tea 500ml 380

fruit and berry tea
Black currant/banana 0.25 290 Apple/cinnamon 0.25 290 Вlueberry 0.25 290
Strawberry/Basil 0.3 350 Apple/estragon 0.3 350 Sea buckthorn/pear/pumpkin 0.3 350
Sea buckthorn/pear/pumpkin 0.5 490 Sea buckthorn/raspberry 0.3 350 Sea buckthorn/raspberry 0.5 490 Cherry/rosemary 0.5 490 Ginger/lemon/honey 0.3 350 Ginger/lemon/honey 0.5 490 Beshagach 0.5 490 Rosehip/thyme/honey 0.5 490

fresh squeezed juices
Apple, orange, carrot, grapefruit 0.2/0.3 200/280 Pineapple 0.2/0.3 350/450

non-alcohol cocktails
Homemade lemonade, beet lemonade, apple lemonade, grapefruit lemonade, ginger lemonade, pear lemonade 250
Mojito 250 Tarhun 270 Strawberry Mojito 290 Strawberry and orange 330 Black currant/banana 330

Raspberry/orange, banana, blueberry/orange 270 Mango 390

Strawberry, chocolate/banana, blackcurrant, banana 280

soft drinks
Correa’s water still/sparkling 0.33 100 San Benedetto still/sparkling 0,25 250 Filette still/sparkling 0.375 420
Filette still/sparkling 0.75 550 Coca-cola, Coca-cola zero, Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes 0.25 150

Hamovniki Vienna Lager 0.5 270 Hamovniki Weiss Beer 0.5 270 Hamovniki Irish Stout 0.5 270
Maisel's Weisse non alcoholic 0.5 350 Bishops Finger 0.5 350 Budweiser budvar 0.33 350

All prices are in Russian rubles
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