Welcome to Correa's restaurant!

Our restaurants bring into focus the main raison d’etre of every eating out occasion – unpretentious, fresh, and simple food. This approach worked and since the first Correa’s opened in Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 32, we have grown to a mid-size chain with each restaurant having its own unique atmosphere and guests.

We are passionate about food. We buy only fresh raw ingredients, we invent and experiment to make certain that every dish tastes just right. We look for the best products, at times finding them at small producers in remote corners of Russia and Europe. We do not sit still, so the menu changes weekly to include our latest creations as well as your favorite familiar dishes. We are delighted to see you in our regular tasting sessions, where you can have your say in approving of additions to the menu.

And we invite you to Correa’s to sample our passion in a bright, beautiful and unpretentious setting, surrounded by friendly staff and interesting people. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, for business or pleasure, with colleagues, children or parents – Correa’s is open for you.